Milestone: Baby Bed to Toddler Bed

I have heard so many different opinions and ideas on when the best time is for toddlers to be sleep trained into a toddler bed or regular bed. Do we wait until they outgrow them? Do we just do it when we see fit? Do we wait until they make a break for it? Toddler bed or regular bed?  Since my little guy never seemed interested in being free from the 4 protective walls of his crib, we decided to wait until he was big enough to climb out. When I purchased his crib, I made sure I got the kind that converts to a toddler bed so that he could sleep in a familiar place. My husband wanted so badly to start taking it apart and converting it months ago, but every time he tried I would have minor mommy moments involving tears and stories about when my kiddo was still teeny tiny and eventually, my husband would give up. When I woke up yesterday morning and looked at the baby monitor to find that he was no where in view in his crib, it became obvious that something wasn’t quite right. I found my spunky little man roaming the house having a great time pulling things off of low shelves that he knows he isn’t supposed to touch. Nap time came around and to my surprise, he peacefully slept in his bed without trying to escape.

Today was a different story. He refused to stay in his bed for nap time and would not sleep until I put him in my bed. For bed time, we repeatedly had to put him back in his crib. As I sit here thinking about the first time he rolled over and all of the other milestones he has achieved, it’s becoming more and more obvious that my little baby is not quite so little any more and it is time to convert.

I’ll be writing a series about our adventures with converting him to a “big boy” bed and will hopefully come up with some pointers along the way that may help future mommies!

Wish me luck! This could get tricky!

😉 Joni

Sweet Dreams Little Angel

My little guy’s birthday is coming up soon so I’m having a bit of a mommy moment–that is if a “moment” means the entire last month! I started thinking about putting him to sleep when he was so tiny. He would snuggle me and let me hold him like I was the only person in the whole world that made him feel safe. I would rock him and hold him until he fell asleep, put him into his crib, and slip out of his room as quietly as possible. 1 hour later, he would think it’s party time and would cry and scream until he was in my arms again! I started reading up on ways to make bed time easier after realizing that I could barely function at my job after not getting any sleep for days on end. For any of you new mommies out there, here are some tips that helped give me and my little guy some relief at bed time!

1. Start a bedtime routine. Anyone who knows my nightly routine knows that we practice “bath, bottle, bedtime.” Every night, he gets a bath, followed by a bottle full of almond milk (this helps for little ones with bad allergy issues!), and then he is rocked to sleep. When we are out later than usual, he gets completely out of whack and gets very fussy as all kids do. As long as we have our routine going the same way, he will fall fast asleep.

2. White noise. If you are wondering if getting a white noise machine is a good buy, let me be the first to tell you IT IS! We did not use an official machine, but rather a mini heater set on fan mode. This keeps baby from hearing any noises going on outside their bedroom and also makes them hear less if you’re sneaking out of their room after you’ve laid them down to sleep.

3. Lullaby. If you have a favorite slow song or lullaby, sing it!! My little one makes me sing a song my great-great-grandmother made up every night. The best part is, your baby doesn’t care if you sound like a squawking crow when you sing! It shows them that you take the time to sing to them & they think you sound like an angel. Well, at least he’s not old enough to tell me otherwise 😉

4. Swaddling for comfort. I don’t know about you other moms, but I just couldn’t get swaddling down using the pre-cut swaddle blankets. My mother and I were shopping at Hobby Lobby one day and decided to get a yard of jersey knit fabric cut to see if maybe the extra length would help. It worked for me! I could wrap him up like a burrito instead of trying to figure out which way to fold it and which corner I needed to tuck first.

If you have any tips or tricks for getting new babies to be more comfortable so they sleep longer, leave them in the comments below! All of us mommies need to stick together so we can help each other succeed! Learn from the struggles that we have been through and never be too proud to ask someone for help (or a nap).

😉 Joni

A Season of Change

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Seeing Things in a Different Light
     One Sunday morning I watched one of our sweet ladies walk toward the church.  Completely put together from head to toe as always, but she walks with a cane now.  She is one of those ladies that, is a very dignified lady.  I used to think that she was a little stuffy until I gave myself the chance to get to know her.  I mean really know her. She has a great sense of humor and a love for God that is evident when you talk to her.  As I watched, I thought, she used to be me. My age with grown children and grandchildren.  I look at the young mothers and think, I used to be them; a young woman, wrestling with small children all the while trying to keep my skirt down as they climb all over me.
 Changing Roles
     We have goals from the very beginning.  We want to learn to walk and talk, start school and finish it, start another school and finish it.  We want to fall in love, have children and watch them grow up, we work to mold them into strong, God serving, productive citizens.  They start school and finish and start another one and finish that one, too.  They fall in love and have children of their own and then it’s their turn to mold their children.  My how life changes.  One day you are the young child on the swing, the young woman in love, the young mother with her children, the grandmother, great-grandmother and if we live to see it, the great-great-grandmother.  How many times did we long for the day that the kids will be out of the house so we can have some peace and quiet and then the peace and quiet screams at us.
Learning Thankfulness
     As we go about our daily lives wishing and hoping for what we don’t have instead of enjoying the blessing of what we have right now, we want to rush things.  I wish I could drive. I wish he would learn to walk. I have always heard that youth is wasted on the young.  I don’t know about that, but I do know that after you have been through the years, you learn a thing or two.  I wish, I wish, oh, how I wish I could take back those wishes and relive some of those times. Times when our parents were young and herding the 4 of us kids to get to where we are going. When the best smell in the world was grandpa’s pipe, or Momma’s cooking or the smell of a new born baby’s head. Time marches on and we grow older;  we experience love and loss.  This is the way it was meant to be.  We are not put on this Earth to live forever but just for a season. Be thankful for the season that you are in at this moment because in the next moment it is whisked away. Learn to be thankful.
There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven— Ecclesiastes 3:1