Mommy Hack: Car Wash

Trying to do chores can be difficult with a toddler! Sometimes it’s easier to take the send-them-to-the-grandparents route. However, I want my little guy to learn how to help with chores so that he can eventually do them on his own when he gets bigger! I’ve found that I’m most successful getting things done around the house if I let him have a hand in helping.

Last weekend, my little “super boy” (this is his new thing that he likes to call himself) and I tackled washing my car together. We got all of the necessary items together, pulled my car into the backyard, and got to work. The first issue I found was the fact that he, like any kid would, just wanted to play in the soap bucket and spray mommy with the water hose. After getting frustrated and asking him to play with his Tonka dump truck away from the water, it became clear that I needed a different strategy.  Instead of telling him to “go play,” I started showing him how dirty his dump truck was–just like mommy’s car! I gave him a soapy rag and took his hand to show him how to wash off the dirt, then spray it off with the water hose. Believe it or not, I think worked! I let him spray off the side of my car when I finished cleaning it and he loved helping!

Here’s a suggestion for mommies: don’t put on makeup beforehand and wear old clothes or ones that you don’t mind getting wet if you’re planning to do anything water hose related with your kiddo. If you minimize the things that will cause you to get frustrated during these types of chores, you will have more fun with your little one!

If you have any other hacks like this one or any stories similar, please leave them in the comments! I would love to hear them.

đŸ˜‰ Joni

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